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Degrees, Examinations & Master’s Degreees


Information: The English translation was made by a French speaking person (but passionate by Sarbacana). So we would like to apologize for the mistakes… If something is not clear, do not hesitate to send a mail. We will do our best to answer your questions. Dojo Sarbacana


            If it only consisted of blowing darts with a piece of pipe to verify someone’s skill in the target’s mirror… The initiation wouldn’t take long time. Some hours could be enough to gratify ego.


            But the Sarbacana’s Way explore a completely different track. In fact, to reach the target isn’t the first aim. This breath school invites the attention to make a “somersault” (galipette in French)… Therefore attention is at the other “pipe’s” end; the one turned towards the “shooter”. In this way, placing aim “here” - at the blower’s side - and not “there” - at the target’s side - demonstrates that we have a prodigious instrument directly connected with the breath’s intelligence, and the hara’s intelligence. That will allow to visit and to develop all the aspects of these subtle intelligences… Explore with breath the more sharpened states of attention and intuition... Test out the fact that lâcher prise (in French) and decision can become one and only one phenomenon. Live the Zen in action.

Realize with its breath this perfect symbiosis between meditation and action is one of the sarbacane’s (blowpipe) purposes that can take all the life…



            In the state of mind of the Sarbacana’s Way, competition is nonsense, because it only concerns the ego’s development. That’s why, in its essence, Sarbacana doesn’t need to award degrees to the pupils. Because of all the parameters, at each “breath throw” the Sarbacanaka knows exactly where he is, deeply inside, and even who he is.  The right gesture is the confirmation and it’s enough in itself.

That’s why, originally, we didn’t need to establish some kind of proofs “seen from outside”, because what we aim at it’s “ourselves”… “To be”.


            This part of us knows exactly what happened and doesn’t need agreement. Medals and degrees will be awarded by life, at each moment, precisely in the quality of living this moment.


            However, at the prospect of this discipline’s growth and duration, and for the same reasons of quality and authenticity, we have been obliged to establish qualification’s degrees to certify that those who want to transmit the Sarbacana’s Way have the right qualifications and master’s degree.

We have taken the same principle of “Dan” existing in the Japanese martial arts (this classification is clear internationally) and more precisely degrees in use in Kyudo (Japanese traditional archery, also called “stand up Zen” (Ritsu Zen), the nearest discipline of Sarbacana which is also a “stand up Zen”).         

Degrees from 1st to 10th Dan


            From 5th Dan, we have the ability to teach Sarbacana (as in Japan, where one’s considered as a Master from 7th Dan). In Kyudo, there are three Master’s degrees for teachers: 5th Dan (“Renshi” Master’s degree), 6th & 7th Dan (“Kyoshi” Master’s degree), 8th Dan (“Hanshi” Master’s degree). Japanese Masters have compared this graduation to our License, Master and Doctorate scholar’s system. Sarbacana keep up and will keep up these same notions.


(Hoping that Sarbacana’s Way, which is not concerned by the competition’s motivations, won’t be, in future, diverted from its spirit as sometimes nowadays Kyudo in Japan, where we can assist to pure competition) 

Michel-Laurent Dioptaz






            For the Dan’s practical exam, we present 1 complet katasarbacana – a flight of 7 arrows (voiles). And, from the 3rd Dan: a questionnaire + presentation-resolution of transparadoxical koan.


            The Dan achievements are at present appreciated and given by Michel-Laurent Dioptaz (Sarbacana’s Master-founder) in harmony with his more graduated students. In the absence of M.L. Dioptaz, the jury will be composed as follow:


·        1st to 3rd Dan: in front of jury with 3 jurors 5th or 6th Dan.

·        4th Dan: in front of 4 jurors 5th or 6th Dan (with agreement of 3 jurors).

·        5th and 6th Dan: in front of 5 jurors 6th or 7th Dan (with agreement of 4 jurors).

·        7th Dan and more: in front of 7 jurors 8th Dan (with agreement of 5 jurors).



            As for Kyudo, the first Dan won’t be presented before 48 lessons or +/- 10 sessions (week-ends) = 20 days of practice. It needs 4 or 5 years of practice to become a Sarbacana’s teacher (5th Dan). A candidate who presents for the first time an exam after several years of practice can “jump” degrees.     






            For a great part, maturation’s criterions in Sarbacana’s Way are easily visible from outside for people, even not initiated, as they open widely attention & receptivity. In fact, energy “spring” from the face’s center so this one reflects, just an instant, the breath’s spirit, the state of mind, the kind of energy that the mouth let express.

Each type of breath will modulate the face’s expression, breaking the mask… The time of a flash, eyes shine truly and it’s impossible to cheat. The presence’s quality is clearly evident.


            (This type of exam is so “merciless” that it will be very useful not to delude oneself in the practice of other awakening’s activities. Just to point out and avoid the “drunkenness” inducted by the states of mind “sacred-sweet” often considered as “The Aim”, though they don’t resist when they are confronted to the in daily life.) 


            (Some expressions in the criterions presented here are a little bit abstract for non-practicing people. But Sarbacana belongs to trans-paradoxical techniques. Therefore paradoxes can be lived by Sarbacanaka (practicing people). So commentaries will maybe appear obscure. Don’t consider that as “intellectualism”. It’s only the description of an experimental reality.)


1st Dan


            The Kata is integrated, within its form and fluidity of breath. The practicing has already “sampled” several nuances of Ki and some acute moments by the vacuity way. To make a decision with the hara (belly) is more and more frequent. He (or she) can realize his (or her) own harmonious Voiles (arrows). At this level, the pupil has contacted the Sarbacana’s spirit. He knows deeply that it’s not a “darts play” with the mouth. As for the practicing of others Do (Way), the acquisition of black belt is the “real beginning”.


2nd Dan

            The Kata moves subtly in attention’s phases and nuances of breath & Ki. The abdominal breathing is fully activated. Trans-paradoxical intelligence is opening, while concentration without concentration is awakening. The practicing realizes oftener “breath’s throw” with a non-competitor & non-predator Ki. He (or she) is able to let the Phi “float” on the breath’s basis and to place his kinesthetic perceptions in his eyes.


3rd Dan


            Basis of previous Dan are well known. The Kata is completely made with a kind of attention "lignes d’évidences" “(term corresponding at an attention’s frequency specific in trans-paradoxical intelligence). Body & mind are articulated exactly at the same place. Peripheral vision is fully activated. Competitor Ki is abandoned during practice. Presentation-resolutions of trans-paradoxical koans.

(and http://transparadox.com)



4th Dan


            The Kata is fully integrated in its form & spirit. The body gesture & the spirit are totally realized in attention’s mode "lignes de conscience" (“conscionness lines”). Sarbacanaka is able to focalize his “defocalization”. The decision making by “lâcher prise” is  activated. The “non-doing” way became pragmatic. Practicing needs & likes a regular training (daily if possible). The target results are now taken into consideration. Presentation-resolution of trans-paradoxical koans with induction of surrounding void.


5th Dan


            The Sarbacana’s spirit revealed can be inducted. Capacities of transmitting experience by empathy. Practicing is able to perceive Ki nuances with the others sarbacanakas. He can read again, accompany and induce the Sarbacana’s Way frequencies till the 5th Dan. 

The target results are now taken into consideration. Presentation-resolution of trans-paradoxical koans with “words”.


6th Dan and +



            The attention opening goes on after the 5th Dan. Perception’s doors are more and more simple and expanding… But we enter now in a master’s level impossible to describe with words. It would be non-comprehensible for people who don’t practice.

In what we are living we cross several paradoxes layers that would destroy any speech. Conscience levels and attention frequencies reached & activated at this moment are named "les lignes de sens" (“sense lines”).       





3 DAN de bronze  Copyright: DIOPTAZCopyright: DIOPTAZ

             For Sarbacana, the aim of Dan is not to reward ego, but to certificate and preserve the authenticity of the Sarbacana’s Way, by a transmission between those who mastered it and those who are acquiring it.


 3 DAN de bronze  Copyright: DIOPTAZ

            Therefore M.L. Dioptaz (as sculptor & goldsmith master) has created a specific symbolic for this school; a poetical protocol that put in relief this notion of “transmission” and crystallized it physically and spiritually.

           It takes the form of a bronze disc. This unique shape for each sarbacanaka will emerge from the master & pupil’s meeting.          

            Wax to sculpt has to be kneaded in a disc shape (4.5 cm, approximately) by the master. An empty space is created in the centre (in fact, the substance is there only to frame this empty space. The symbol & the school’s spirit are relied to this emptiness; this centre vacuum). Master & pupil stand face to face and join each finger in the empty centre of the disc (they begin with the little fingers to finish by thumbs). At the same time, they immortalize their fingerprintsCopyright: DIOPTAZ in the wax all around. At the end, they sign and engrave their own side. After all, the wax is dated then cast in bronze. A melting very precise that will crystallize and immortalize the memory-signature of the fingerprints.


           Little by little, according to the personal progression, each new Dan, represented by a number, is printed in the metal then certified by the school’s official stamp (nowadays,  M.L. Dioptaz goldsmith’s stamp).



            The braid to suspend this disc at the bell is realized by the pupil himself with different colors threads. He chooses his own interaction between colors.


            In spirit, we are close to the “Kesa” notion in Zen, as symbol of transmission from master to disciple. 



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