Le Dojo Sarbacana de Chanteloup les Vignes

The Sarbakana Zen-Dojo is located in the “Yvelines” (Chanteloup les Vignes), 30 kilometers from Paris, in a green park inserted in the “Hautil Forest”, with a panoramic view on the “Seine Valley”.


-Internationals sessions (PARIS) :

1 or 2 week(s) (in order to gather together once a year the people from everywhere who practice or want to learn (and to teach) Sarbakana. It happens in function of demand and possibilities).


These are the training dates for the initiation to the Sarbakana's Way practice, during the week-ends:


4 - 5 sept. 2010
2 - 3 oct. 2010
6 - 7 nov. 2010
11 - 12 déc. 2010
8 - 9 janvier 2011
5 - 6 février 2011
5 - 6 mars 2011
2 - 3 avril 2011
30 avril - 1 mai 2011

4 - 5 juin 2011


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- Summer session (5 days), from 6 to 10 July 2011 at The Sarbakana Zen-Dojo in Chanteloup.

( These sessions are opened to everyone, as well people with no practice than those who prepare to teach the Sarbacana)

- Place of sessions :

- " Zen-Dojo SARBACANA" :

Sente des Chants d'Oiseaux, 7 rue de la Forêt   78570 

Chanteloup les Vignes.   

tel : 06 36 76 60 00   Fax : 01 39 70 30 97

Site: www. sarbacana.com        

e-mail :  info.dojo@sarbacana.com


KAKEMONO pour nous joindre


-Duration :  Saturday from 13.30 PM to 19 PM and Sunday from 10.30 AM to 18 PM

You will be our guests for the Sunday lunch.


-Some advices: Don't eat too much before coming. Please come with supple clothes (black or white). And socks for the dojo. For the outside practicing, please take shoes with thin soles (to be sure to have a nearest contact with the soil)


-Equipment: Specifics "Sarbacanes" will be lent to the participants. If you want, it's possible to acquire them.


-Accommodations: These sessions are partially residential. We propose you some accommodations in these following hotels.

- Hôtel CAMPANILE (In Conflans ste honorine 7 km from dojo, a car from the dojo will bring you at the hotel, if necessary) (62 € by night) (in individual room with bathroom, bath, WC) Réservation sur le web  (E-mail :conflans@campanile.fr ) tel : 01 39 19 21 00


-Opened doors: Presentation & initiation to the Sarbacana's practice (please contact us for the dates).

-Degrees,Examinations & Master's Degree


-Individual sessions with M.L. Dioptaz: & sessions for 2, 3 or 4 persons (on appointment)


-Intervention of M.L.Dioptaz ( Senseï of Sarbakana) as consultant in Enterprises and coach for high level sportsmen:



            - Sarbacana's practice as an instrument to explore & develop the abilities to make a decision by the breath's intelligence, the "DEPCISION".

           - Exploration of different respiration's types which determine the way we act & our relation to the aims we would like to reach.

           -Transformation of the expiration in a powerful and peaceful energy in order to "lâcher prise" in a tensed environment.

(on appointment)


The Sarbacana Zen-Dojo


The Sarbacana Zen-Dojo
sarbacana-dojo vu d'avion
The Sarbacana Zen-Dojo
The Sarbacana Zen-Dojo (Paris)

The Sarbacana Zen-Dojo

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